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Jan 21, 2013 11:00pm PST
quote argument here that this is sort of an anti-iran speech, an anti-paul ryan speech. and rick said, no, it's not every person for themselves. that isn't going to sell. they don't like it in american life today. i think that's what he was selling, i agree with rick. it was strongly philosophical about community values.
FOX News
Jan 26, 2013 3:00pm PST
will. ♪ >> hello, i'm arthel neville, welcome to a new hour of america's news headquarters. >> rick: topping the news, paul ryan laying out his issues for the future of the g.o.p. what the wisconsin congressman learned from the election defeat and why the battle over the president's health care law may just be beginning. >> also, a developing situation in egypt. dozens are dead, nearly two dozen more sentenced to hang. the military struggling to keep order an egypt's president meeting with his top generals. >> rick: the latest in smartphone technology, "consumer reports" is here to tell us which new advances you may want and the costly bells and whistles you should try to avoid. ♪ >> arthel: we begin with the dangerous weather system bringing new troubles, ice and freezing rain making its way across the country, right now. causing serious problems on the roads, drivers are coping the best they can and out right treacherous conditions, there have been thousands of wrecks on highways across the affected areas including north carolina where large sections of i-40 and i-85 have slowed
FOX News
Jan 1, 2013 7:00am PST
future is much less certain. good morning, i'm rick folbaum here in this special new year's day edition of "america's newsroom." heather: i'm heather childers, bill and martha are off this morning. it was a knockdown, dragout battle to the finish between senate democrats and republicans. in the end, the measure passed 89-8 but with mixed emotions on both sides. >> i've said all along that our most important priority was to protect middle class families. this legislation does that. middle class families will wake up today to the assurance that their taxes won't go up. >> it does not address the number one priority, creating good middle class jobs now. secondly, this proposal does not generate the revenue necessary for the country to meet its needs. >> so it took an impermit solution to prevent our constituents from a very real financial pain. but in my view, it was worth the effort. rick: so those are the senators. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is live on the hill. so, mike, the house is going to get this. any idea what the house plans to do with it? >> reporter: happy n
FOX News
Jan 12, 2013 3:00pm PST
headquarters. >> rick: topping the news, going after guns, new details on a proposed list of recommendations by vice president joe biden aimed at overhauling gun laws. >> arthel: how the military is now preparing to enter a dramatic new phase. >> rick: plus, no breakfast table would be complete without it. coming up, "consumer reports" giving us a complete guide to the best types of jams out there and why you should never confuse jams with jelly. can't wait to hear that. we begin with a fox news alert. growing health concerns this hour as a severe and potentially deadly strain of flu rages like wildfire across the country. now the cdc is saying that it's hitting epidemic levels and reporting widespread cases of the flu in nearly every state. as the misery grows, so does the death toll. the cdc releasing these latest numbers. so far, 20 children have died and there are now 27 people dead in minnesota. 22 in pennsylvania. 18 in massachusetts. eight in oklahoma. and six in illinois. but nationwide, this grim total might be higher since not all the deaths initially reported are linked to the flu
FOX News
Jan 5, 2013 10:00am PST
were going to the doctor for flu-like illnesses. jamie and rick. >> molly henneberg live in washington, thanks. >> jamie: and meanwhile, this year's flu season is gearing up to be possibly one of the worst on record, what we're hearing, according to the centers for disease control. the number of americans reporting flu-like symptoms claiming to 5.6%, last year, 2.2% reporting similar symptoms. a total of 41 states reported widespread cases of the flu. coming up we'll speak to fox news medical a-team her, dr. david somati, he'll tell you how to take care of yourself and your family as the serious flu season picks up the pace. rick? >> another fox news alert, this time out of aurora, colorado and a hostage standoff, four people are dead including the suspected gunman. this is video of the scene that we just got into the news room, police responding overnight to reports of shots fired inside a town house there. police storming the home after hours of negotiations that failed. the gunman died in a shootout with the police. you'll remember back in july of last year, aurora roc
FOX Business
Jan 13, 2013 2:00am EST
and jobs. >> sounds good to me, rick, to you? >> here's the problem. i will not touch incredibly regressive nature of this. >> by regressive, it hits the poor more than the rich? >> exactly. put the brakes on a economy, imagine what happens here. first of all, to keep the revenue neutral, you are looking at a 20r 30 percent sales tax . add that to the state tax that governor gindale wants to add. no one will be able to afford it or go shopping. >> steve, this is a country of experiment ground . the states experiment with things that might do better. >> there are 9 states who don't have a personal income tax. you compare the state of vermont with the state of new hampshire. new hampshire has no sales tax or personal income tax and does better over time than the neighboring state of vermont that is a so-called progressive state. on a national level change the constitution or we will end up with a income and a consumption tax. >> unfortunately the constitution was changed in order to bring in the income tax. >> you have to change or we would get the both. >> you are against the idea of bobby g
FOX News
Jan 19, 2013 3:00pm PST
>> rick: thank you for joining us. well dom a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. i'm rick folbaum. >> arthel: i'm arthel neville, topping the news, this chilling video is not out of a hollywood thriller. it's an assassination attempt caught on tape. we're going to tell you what happened to the politician and to the gunman. >> rick: wow. also, bundle up. an actic blast is coming your way with the coldest air in four years heading to the midwest. maria molina joins with us the frigid forecast straight ahead. >> arthel: plus, so much buzz about tablets and smart phones, but a new wave of laptops featuring windows 8 is now hitting the stores. coming up, "consumer reports" helps you pick out the right one maybe that won't leave you hankering for small gadgets. >> arthel: we begin with a fox news alert. late breaking details on the rapidly changing situation out of algeria involving several american hostages. according to a state news agency, the for-day stand-off has officially ended in a final bloody assault, leaving several militants and hostages dead. right now we're
FOX News
Jan 1, 2013 4:00pm PST
. >> i'm rick folbaum in for shepard smith this new year's day. we begin with breaking news on "the fox report." house republicans are getting closer to voting on the senate fiscal cliff bill. first they may try to make some changes to the deal the senate cut with the white house late last night. but senate democrats say there is no time for that we actually already went over the cliff at midnight officially. that means that every american's paycheck is about to shrink. huge spending cuts are about to take effect automatically. the senate bill delays those cuts and prevents tax hikes on families making under $450,000 a year. lots of house republicans say they won't support the senate's bill without more spending cuts. we have team fox coverage. ed henry is live at the white house. but, first to mike emanuel live on capitol hill. so, mike, where do things stand now? >> well, rick, on the house floor as we speak right now, they are counting votes. they are seeing if there are 218 voted in the house of representatives to essentially decide to go forward with adding spending cut amendments
Jan 22, 2013 6:00pm EST
truth behind america's expanding covert wars. we will speak with jeremy and the film's director, rick rowley. >> night rates have risen to astronomical levels where there are 1000 raids a month happening. decades after vietnam, one decade into this war, we have gone back to body counts is our only way of measuring any kind of progress in the war. >> broadcasting from the sundance film festival in park city, utah, all of that and more coming up. this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. hundreds of thousands packed into the national mall on monday for president obama's second term inauguration. in an address many saw as a blueprint for a more progressive second term domestic agenda than his first, obama vowed to continue to fight to seek equality for the rights of women and of payment and lesbians. >> our journey is not complete until our wives, mothers and daughters can earn a living equal to their efforts. [applause] our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else under the law. for if we are tru
Jan 14, 2013 12:30pm PST
week? [laughter] >> i think rick is reminding me it might be north of that a lot more. but what it means, what it means to all of us that are not always on top of all the fiscal things that we have, it means a lot of jobs. and this is so important to all of us, is job creation, job sustaining. and, so, we have some great announcements to make and it continues the effort of making these piers 30-32 to be of greater significance than the decaying piers that we have inherited for so many decades. i'm excited that we're continuing this effort to make sure that the warriors move here, that they build arena, and that they have the season of 2017 on the focus with us to begin their presence, to return to san francisco. today we have another landmark announcement to make, and that is that an agreement has been reached with unite here, which represents -- which is local 2, represented by mike casey who is here today. and he'll go into a lot of detail with rick welch of the warriors. but generally speaking, not only are we creating jobs, but now we have agreement that these are going to b
FOX Business
Jan 6, 2013 2:00am EST
with teave, rick and elizabeth and rich and morgan and victoria. now, rich. there are a lot of silly things and important rules and regs that are going to affect small business necessary america, right? >> you are right about that. you should look at financial regulations which makes it still hard for small businesses to get loans. health care regulations, obama care is it adding a cost burden evewhere you look behind ery nook and cranny. environmental regulations that is killing small businesses. california farmers are ruined in the protection of the certain in60s and labor regulations and last year we saw the national labor regulation war against boing. it paralyzes n new hiring. >> rick, the president claims he speaks for small businesses. aren't they hard hit by these. >> actually, no. i was a maul businessman for a very long time . i got to tell you. i have the stame hastles and there is never regulations. let pee point this out. a lot of things are state base silly laws. but don't impact the economy . last year was an election year, we have a small number of regulations that are hitti
FOX Business
Jan 27, 2013 2:00am EST
on fox. steve, and elizabeth and rick and mike and bill. steve, who do unions have to blame for >> the public sector salaries are unaffordable . private sector, people are find figure you want real growth, you can't be strangle in the work rules. in chicago, unions made a few concessions because conventions are saying we'll not come and can't get anything done. >> there is a sense that the unions care more about the political power than jobs. look at what happened to boeing 747 and twinkies . american airlines. they went bankrupt. >> i will not deny that unions haven't played a roll in shooting themselves in the foot. they did to some deagree. you do find that 50 percent of it was due to anticollective bargaining agreements that we are seeing in the states . right to work legislation . these things are taking a toll. we are seeing the thing that is unions spent so many years fighting for is now codified as part of federal law. it is not over yet. california numbers are going up. >> emac. the fact is, a lot of right to work laws are hurting the unions and people are voting fo
FOX Business
Jan 20, 2013 2:00am EST
would go up dramatically. >> rick, isn't this really what the president's intention was to go to a single payer system? >> frankly i wish it were, but i don't think it was. >> hold on a second. he did say that at one point. i believe we have the tape of him saying that in 2003. let's roll the tape. >> i happen to be a proponent of the universal health care plan. >> there he said it. i am in favor of a single payer universal health care plan. >> what is relevant was in 2003 he was in fact in favor of it. to tell you the truth i think secretly the president is in favor of it. sadly it is no where near where we got in the affordable care act. >> we are moving toward it. that's the point of the congressman. >> first of all what the congressman has propose said not full blown national health care. it will compete on the changes with the private insurance companies. that's number one. number two it is never going to happen. we should all recognize because she is the only one who is proposing. and number three, if in fact it could happen, the truth is it would save a hundred billion
Jan 16, 2013 12:00pm PST
a great president. you'll make us all proud. >> rick: well, i hope so. i'm gonna prove myself... especially to you. >> hope: you will, you will. >> rick: can i get a hug? >> hope: yeah. yes, you can. yeah. >> rick: still haven't quite forgiven me, huh? >> hope: well... rick, you did a lot of damage in my life. i'll get beyond it. i will. i can't promise i'll forget, though. [ door opens ] >> brooke: ahh! congratulations, honey! i am thrilled for you. >> rick: thank you. >> brooke: president of
FOX News
Jan 19, 2013 12:00am PST
around on the carcass of a skunk. >> you said carcass, right? >> yes, i did. you are terrible. rick, you are not a legal scholar, but you are sexy. does she have a case? >> the problem is she is talking about a phobia of children and we are talking about seventh and eighth graders which are the size of adults these days. the scary thing about them is they are almost as big as high school students which is where she wants to go back and teachers and again. it is ridiculous. >> she should be afraid of the turtle neck is what she should be afraid of. >> don't make fun of her looks. >> i am not. i am making fun of the turtle neck alone. >> i like turtle necks. they keep my neck warm. >> can i make a p oi nt? >> please do. you are annoying me. >> she gets 89% of her salary in retirement. if fox gave me 90% of my salary, i will retire right now. >> they would probably take you up on that. we have had talks about you and frankly you are not bringing in anybody. every time you come on the numbers go down. but i won't get into that here. we will talk about it during the break. >> do i get 89%? >>
Jan 25, 2013 11:00pm EST
of the republican party. he backed rick santorum in the presidential race. this hour long event in washington, d.c. was hosted by the christian science monitor. >> okay, here we go. i'm dave cook from the monitor. thanks for coming. our guest this morning is foster, visiting our fair city from his home in jackson, wyoming, accompanied by one of his advisers, matthew taylor. he was born in rice lake, wisconsin and earned his degree in business administration at the university of wisconsin where he met his wife, lynn. he served two years as an army intelligence officer, and then he founded freeze associates, an investment firm whose funds were wildly successful. he sold a controlling interest in the firm in 2001, but remains as chairman of freeze sorts and director of randy funds, and in recent years, focused on philanthropy and political activism including being the largest donor to senator santorum's 2012 political campaign. all of that, hunting the occasional 14-foot crocodile in tans tanzania -- i'm not making that up, wrap up the bigraphical part of the program. as always, on the record here.
Dec 31, 2012 10:00pm PST
of the campaign? >> the mvp of the obama campaign was rick per prip it was rick perry's entrance to the race that pushed mitt romney to take the tackically wise but strategically stupid step of going full out elegant. >> tackically wise for that moment. >> for that moment. it totally destroyed rick perry. he dispatched rick perry with that rhetoric with the $100,000 subdiddy to the illegals, the dream act which unallowed undocumented students to go to the university and pay in-state tuition. romney destroyed rick perry on that issue. but it was in the rhetoric he deployed there i think he sealed his fate in the general election with latinos who he got blown out in and provided a huge margin in a lot of swing states. >> great point. my choice is, of course, the anonymous videographer who captured the 47% tape which is why we happen to have that tape now. >> i was going to say you guys worked that out. >> why it happened to be ready. now, the best move of 2012. what was the best move of 2012? >> this is really hard because some part of me as a political junkie thinks the best move is the most
FOX News
Jan 29, 2013 8:00am PST
about ground beef at the center after salmonella outbreak. rick folbaum has all the details from the breaking news desk. hi, rick. >> the cdc has been able to link this outbreak to two different businesses in the state of michigan. so far 16 people in five different states have gotten sick. this is a form of salmonella that can lead to severe diarrhea and fever and cramps. it is usually called by eating raw or undercooked beef and seven of the people who got sick all reported eating at the same restaurant beforehand. the two beef distributors involved, one of them is in troy, michigan, the other in sterling heights. both recalled about 500 pounds of beef each. the products involved were sold in supermarkets and as well as to restaurants. make sure if you have any ground beef in your home right now that it is not a part of this recall. if it is you're told it throw it away. a health officials say to stay away from raw or undercooked meat. 160 degrees fahrenheit is the internal temperature that is needed to kill off salmonella. patti ann, back to you. patti ann: rick folbaum, thank
Jan 3, 2013 12:00pm PST
. >> it does. and two of those representatives are from right here in the bay area. er rick swalwell represents the 15th congressional district which includes much of alameda county and huffman replaces woolsey in the second district including bay area cities and counties and woodland to yreka. . >>> >>> the first-ever hindu member of congress of hawaii was sworn in using the bagava gita instead of the holy bible. she grew up in hawaii and is a military veteran. she says she is a nonpracticing buddhist. she succeeds a retiring senator. >>> a long-time bay area ceo is retiring. steve bird has been in the business for more than 20 years at safe way. he is known for improving the pleasanton-based company's brand and taking a national role in healthcare reform. safeway chain which has stores across the country will be searching for a successor both internally and externally. >> and we have got a lot more ahead including a pretty amazing discovery in san francisco. >> he is the first maybe only river otter in san francisco in decades. meet the newest resident coming up. >> and the world watches as a
Jan 11, 2013 3:00pm PST
. yesterday in texas there was -- the governor there, rick perry said . . . he seems to fall into the camp of the constitutional purist the people who think we can't tweak either amendment or at least put down regulations to give life to those amendments. what do you say to the puristings like him? >> well, a couple of things. number 1 i would never look to rick perry as a constitutional scholar, far from it number 1. number 2, we know, you have been talking about this the president talks about it all the time, we live in a seabed of violence, we are hardened to violence, and there are many factors contributing it to. education is one of them. mental health at the top. you mentioned video games, television, movies, but the two most contributing factors are the availability of assault weapons, and the availability of these multiple clips of ammunition. those are the two that most demand action. yes, we might have to take a look at some self restraint among those who make the video games, but not as much as we need to take a look at regulating these manufacturing of t
Jan 9, 2013 6:00am PST
rick overton live in studio in hour number two. >> inaudible. i was yelling. >> stephanie: all right. hal sparks had to cancel today. he's got a thing with a guy at a place. rick overton oh, my god, he has the most hilarious stories he's going to tell us. >> that's right. >> stephanie: he was in d.c. and i think he held the torah for alan grayson when he was sworn in just to make people crazy. rick was actually there with boehner. >> oh, wow. >> stephanie: his orangeness. he's going to tell us stories in hour number three today. >> he smelled like bourbon. >> we'll find out from rick overton. >> stephanie: in the meantime, by the way the sexy liberal cause in d.c., of course, the brady center to prevent gun violence. get the last remaining tickets. it will be a big show. i was saying to jacki at the top of the hour, we're going to have us a debate on gun control. this country. who saw that comin'? is it today? [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] today. white house trying to keep the momentum for gun legislation. vice president biden has invited the nra and other gun owner groups tomorro
Jan 21, 2013 4:00pm PST
. but what is amazing is it was a bookend. and i think rick's right about this. it was a bookend to the reagan speech in 1980. it made progressive vision for america mainstream. it claimed the mainstream of america for progressive values. i think it's a very significant speech. >> well, rick, respond to that. i think it develops the point.-Ñ listen to what the president said about the middle class. take a look here, rick. >> we, the people, understand that our country cannot succeed when a shrinking few do very well when a growing many barely make it. we believe that america's prosperity must rest upon the broad shoulders of a rising middle class. >> well, the president gave a strong defense to entitlement. he alrejected the division the term by paul ryan with the makers and the takers. >> we do not believe that in this country, freedom is reserved for the lucky. or happiness for the few. we recognize that no matter how responsibly we live our lives, any one of us, at any time, may face a job loss or a sudden illness or a home swept away in a terrible storm. the commitments we m
Jan 21, 2013 2:30pm PST
been hurt and cried and cried themselves to sleep turn into powerful leaders. earlier rick mentioned choosing alpha youth as key points to influence their peers. what better way from getting -- getting a person or youth who has been hurt, transforming them into an alpha leader and then having them mentor other youth who are in their situation. we have to listen to their stories and we have to give them power. >> mike, thank you. so, mike, i think as you mentioned and tom and ruslyn bullying is often fueled by bias, whether that's racial, ethnic, religious, or against the lgbq community. amina, you said bias is often fueled by misinformation. >> certainly in the muslim community that's very obvious. since 9-11 that's increased but even before 9-11 there were so many stereotypes out there, whether from hollywood, which portrayed muslim as terrorists, as womanizers, to just a host of campaigns over the last few years from the ground zero mosque to the koran burning, local and national campaigns against building mosques, all of these are obviously going to impact children an
FOX News
Jan 19, 2013 8:00am PST
to forbes on fox. it is elizabeth mcdonald and rick unger and morgan bren an . we just can't afford a full-blown national health care system. >> no, we can't. every country that tried the health care system experienced higher cost or less health care. with obama care, it is a back door in a single payer system. of course, it costs more. >> mark tage. this is what he has plan obama care is not a single payer plan which is national health care. is that what it is turning into? >> i think it is going to have to be a single payer plan. will this reduce the deficit, no. is your goal here to provide health care to people? >> the private sector has not done a good job of >> it is going two or three times the rate of inflation . >> but you are saying that a government take over of health care would be cheaper and more efficient than the private sector. >> i think more people would be covered and cost would be lowered. >> emac, is there any way to prove that contention in >> no, i hear what mark is saying. this congress person said we shouldunize doctors . we have a veterans administration that doi
Jan 15, 2013 12:00pm PST
of forrester creations? >> caroline: did i miss it? >> rick: hey! >> caroline: hi. >> rick: oh, my god. how are you feeling? >> caroline: much better. thank you. how'd it go? >> rick: great. you're just in time. >> eric: overall, both teams did very well. everyone should be proud.
Jan 31, 2013 6:00pm EST
the northeast, the cleanup efforts continue and some crew are taking steps they can. fox's rick leventhal has that story. >> having trouble with the oddio and we'll pass it along. take a break and we'll be back in a minute. >>> coming up next, it was a d.c. institution. music lovers -- a first look at a documentary premiering tonight on the bayou. >> and first, this will make you appreciate the pressure. -- fresh air. people are desperate for it in beijing. and china dealing with a growing air quality problem. the near skeptical of the air. the chinese billionaire behind the business admits it's a bit of a scam but for a good cause. he's trying to tell his country men if they don't reduce air pollution, that could end up wearing gas masks just to walk the streets. >>> a new documentary is telling the story of a legend airy night club where rock, pop, blues, and jazz lived for decades. the about use in georgetown wants to stop for up and coming artists like you2, dire straits and kiss. bruce springstein played the about use closed in 1998 after hosting thousands of shows and creating rock'n'ro
Jan 3, 2013 3:00pm EST
own rick santelli. rick, let's kick it off with you. what's been the reaction in the bond pits? >> well, first of all, people on this floor say be careful. a little dissension doesn't break the trio of power as bill gross pointed out, but the movement was fast and furious. we touched a 190 yield. at three and a half month high yields and immediately comped us back to early may we means we have an eight-month high should we close at 190. saw gold move down which makes sense because qe is a dollar buster but here traders don't like the program, don't think we need it, don't think it's doing a lot of good but they like making money longing s&ps, dow futures and their own personal opinion is be careful about drawing hard and fast conclusions on the minutes. >> if we didn't need this program though, wouldn't the market reaction be more positive? >> sure. what i think is the fed needs to get out of the way, the sooner the better. they are interfering with the price signal of markets. arguably in the backdrop of negative fundamentals, the fed is covering up a lot of bad news. the soon
Jan 30, 2013 3:00pm EST
, and you can't hold crisis levels of spending forever, so i think that's really the story. >> hey, rick. look, the fact -- >> can i? >> yes, yes, you can. >> thank you. i just want to make sure i understand the point. rick, is your point that this weak economic report we got today shows the economy is truly weak, or are you agreeing with the consensus that it shows that government spending was the reason for the weakness? >> no. i'm saying government spending isn't really addressing some of the main issues of weakness, and when did we -- when did we have an amendment saying we're banning recessions. if the economy is destined to be smaller to get healthy, let it happen. >> but hold on, rick. what was interesting about this report to my mind was that consumer spending and business spending actually held up in the face of government spending. >> that's a wonderful thing, and i like that thing. >> it reilly should be for investors the one of figuring out in a world that looks like it will be one of declining government spending, what will happen to private sector spending and investment? >
FOX News
Jan 5, 2013 8:00am PST
if you are making application for the iphone and then you are not hit so much. >> rick, you were a small businessman and the folks who make things. you were in the intellectual property realm. >> it is fasnating and the reason we have regulation and it is people who are in the position to do harm to their customers have the regulations. why? because before they had regulations they were doing harm. there are rules that protect the public safety . the congress and senate is breaking its own rules by not passing a budget . that's the issue . in issue, it is not a lack of rules but a short annual of enforcement . that is not the same as making the economy more affective. >> the trouble with you, john. your did maching and. >> i see you taking your point. i have gone up in washington. very often thape make sure they have jobs later on >> i so how that is a burrcrat. >> we are not talking about those rules. we are talking about health reform which is its own mini government. we are talking about the states making up their own rule to enforce the government's rules about health reform. it is w
FOX News
Jan 6, 2013 12:30pm PST
and rick and dustin and rick. i am john scott. thanks for watch we'll see you again next week. >>. >> gregg: fox news alert on one of the top national security jobs in the administration, fox news is learning that president obama will nominate former republican senator chuck hagel to be the next secretary of defense. the announcement expected tomorrow. that setting up a contentious hearing in the u.s. senate. under scrutiny for both sides of the aisle with his positions on israel and iran. more in the developing newscast. >> gregg: hello. i'm gregg jarrett. glad you are with us, welcome to a brand-new hour. >> jamie: i'm surprised. i'm jamie colby. great to have you here, too. topping the news this hour, brand-new battle on congressional leaders take to the airwaves with different ideas thousand solve the massive debt crisis. our political panel has fair and balanced debate ahead. >> gregg: caught on tape, a massive brawl involving 200 teenagers and rather unfortunate shoppers and salespeople caught in the middle. >> jamie: plus disgraced cyclist lance armstrong our legal panel weighs if th
Jan 10, 2013 6:00pm EST
currency if confirmed. rick santorum is launching a campaign to defeat the nomination of rick hagel. he says hagel "antiisrael pro iran mindset makes him unqualified for the pentagon job." president obama nominated hagel on monday. >> we're now learning that it sequestration could mean a month-long furlough for civilian employees at the military. the plan requires $45 billion in budget cuts including a 15% cut in payroll. the pentagon says they are studying other options. >> the race is on for a new location for the f.b.i. political leaders from virginia are making their pitch to replace the hoover building in downtown d.c. that the majority of employees live in that state. the group points out the academy and labs are located at quantico and agencies like the c.i.a. are nearby. >> we feel confident that as process and decision is made on the merits that virginia will be. >> both prince george's and in maryland say that will be successful as well. there is no timetable for a decision yet. >> as parts of the nation deal with a spike in flu season
FOX News
Jan 27, 2013 3:00am PST
as missouri. this as the country gets ready for a brief warm-up. rick is tracking it for us this morning. and it's a rollercoaster, hot and cold. >> it is and it's going to continue, this rollercoaster much of this week. missouri we're not worried about you as much and temperature-wise, we'll get the cold temps and retreating a little bit, but still cold obviously across the great lakes and the northeast, and 19 in new york and 15 in boston. improved from the last week. a storm brought a lot of rain and record breaking rain yesterday in arizona and most of that energy now, pulling out here across parts of the central plains and there you see that pink, that's where we're concerned at least to start right now, about icing. warmer air moving over the cold air at the surface and the rain hits the ground that's frozen and it freezes on contact. and roads across areas of iowa and maybe around the st. louis area where more generally towards illinois and that's going to be a zone for some icing and eventually later on today, in towards chicago. to the far north of that, places like minnesota, n
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Jan 5, 2013 3:00pm PST
that is today, it will move in the northeast by tomorrow . stop it, rick. >> you are allowed. >> can i see the prompter? who knows? well anyway. the rain and snow are heading to the pacific west. we are talking about folk necessary central texas. they are waking up to a wet morning . nancy of station ktbc has the story. today the family only needed this much snow to make a morning adventure out of it can no sleeds need indeed central texas, a laundry basket had to do and that is fine. >> it is very g cool. >> when he found out the hill country woke up to snow. he had to bring them all the way from austin. >> i brought the kids and let's find snow and do it. >> there was one more thing to check off of the. >> it is good. >> it is the same for the ericson country. no four year old dena got her. it was a surprise if from mom who thought they were left baptists we want to it not yust very long. this was city. this was sunday to us. furry area sayswroylet morningviewers sent us pictures enjoying the snow . just like the erics republican prouving that a little snow goes a long way. we had to get
Jan 29, 2013 12:00pm PST
't the meeting that we're having with the chinese. >> rick: you know, honestly, thomas, they're good. they're very good. it's not what i asked for. >> thomas: rick, i'm just trying to make a contribution here. why do you seem so determined to prevent that? >> rick: all right, you need to ease up on the attitude. you want to talk about this, we can talk. i know that you're still upset that i'm the guy that's in charge. >> thomas: look, i'm supposed to have a voice here, too, rick. but you have no intention on
Jan 15, 2013 11:30pm PST
to be a panelist. >> rick, amina or stacy, anything you with like to share from your personal experiences? ?oo >> speaking about your personal life in front of people you know or don't know isn't always an easy thing, you wouldn't know by looking at me but i'm an immigrant. i wasment born in the united statesment i came to this country, to california, when i was a 10-year-old with a single mother and two small brothers living in a motel. my first experience at public school, i must have had a kick me sign on my back because being difficult, as you would understand, made me a target and that imprint stayed with me for many years and guided me in a very dysfunctional angry self-loathing kind of way as many children do. today, 160,000 kids are not in public school because they are afraid of what someone might say or do to them. so that lives in me and like some of you and your own stories, i was fortunate enough to use it to become a teacher, a principal, and assistant superintendent of public schools and now a nonprofit director whose single mission is to do what we're doing to make sure kids
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